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Below, please find a form for pre-applicants/renters 
OR contact us at 

for more information.

Green 3 Homes, a charitable nonprofit corporation - 501(c)3 - builds near-zero carbon emission, starter homes for individuals/families who may have had a challenge qualifying for a home mortgage in the past. A final applicant who is selected to successfully rent one of our properties for 3 years (and utilize its energy-savings), will be offered the home for purchase. . . below fair market value (FMV).


Most of us have thought about and/or applied to own our very own home. Sometimes a person’s debt, lack of a down payment, etc. hinder that process. We give our renters a 3-year “window” - while they rent from us -  to utilize the energy savings (approx. $4,000-5,000+/yr.) from the home in order to improve their chance of qualifying for a mortgage later. Three (3) years of your saved heating & electric costs, in Charlevoix County, would be approx. $15,000.   So, the goal of Green 3 Homes is to offer renters a process & the tools they need to give themselves a financial “leg-up” during their 3 rental years. . . before we offer them the home for purchase.


Would you love this truly unique Renters-Become-Buyers opportunity? Though we have a limited number of starter homes available throughout the year, please contact us at any time, using the form below. We will add you to our waiting list and keep you updated.

Renters Presentation


  • Our goal is to help transform people's lives – with a new home of their own.

  • We offer you (and only you) the home for purchase, after successfully renting for 3 years.

  • We encourage people to contact us, even if you may have had challenges qualifying for a mortgage in the past.

  • Renters live in a beautiful, well-crafted, starter home.

  • Renters can save $4,000-5,000+/yr. in energy costs

  • Green 3 Homes gives you instant equity with the discounted purchase price, below FMV.

  • Green 3 Homes assists with paying buyer’s closing costs, appraisal, etc.

  • No more house hunting, open houses, or bidding wars

  • Housing stability (rent will not increase)

  • Lessen your worries about the housing market or home prices

  • We have a highly-respected team that will be there through the entire process.

  • Your local, community donors will be supporting you, too.

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Please complete our renter's pre-application form below
simply email us at 

and we will respond within 7-10 days.

*  Required info

12:00 PM

NARRATIVE * - (Requested from pre-applicants who wish to connect with us and be added to our wait list.)

Please UPLOAD a NARRATIVE (pdf) that will give us an in-depth understanding about your past experiences as a renter(s).  If you have owned or have tried to purchase a house/condo/townhouse previously, please include these experiences, as well.  You may write as much OR as little information as you feel comfortable in sharing with us.  We truly wish to learn how we can assist each of our renters - in individualized, meaningful, and flexible ways.

Please write your name at the top of the first page of your NARRATIVE. We protect your privacy and encrypt data in your submission. However, please DO NOT include any other personal data (e.g. SS
.#, birthdates) in your narrative . . .  only write your name at the top.

Upload NARRATIVE (pdf) *
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