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Since 2022, Green 3 Homes, a  public charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit, has been committed to building quality, energy-efficient, starter homes for successful renters to occupy and then purchase . . . at a discounted price. Green 3 Homes assists people in transitioning from the renting cycle and into home ownership.  Our process offers individuals/families  the opportunity to utilize the energy-saving tools we offer, Green 3 Homes gives our renters a financial “leg–up” in this unique, life-changing, home-buying process.

Meet Our Team

Brenda Azamian (Henry)

Brenda Azamian, BS, MA Ed.



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Innovator. . .assisting our team & local partners in creating a unique process for renters to become homeowners. Naturalist…born & raised in Jackson, Michigan and Eastport/Torch Lake. A world educator who “launched” from CMU and now resides in Charlevoix and Seattle. Served very diverse communities for 40 years, in several countries.  Extols hazelnut chocolate.

Carol Anderson-Gregg
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Educator, industrious learner, and humanitarian. . .with boundless curiosity. Driven to explore our world in scientific investigation. Alumni of EMU and  WSU.  Supports her family, friends, community, and all of nature's critters whom she "meets".  Still adding things to her ongoing & updated bucket list, always trying to check them off.

Diane Underwood

Diane Underwood, BS, MA Ed.

Board Director

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Life-long educator. . . supporting and giving back to her community for 33 years in Berrien Springs. Highly respected with BS in Special Ed. (CMU) and a MA Ed. (WMU). Successful journey with a preschool nonprofit, while mentoring high school students. Nature, birding, and travel always are calling.  Traverses our world alongside her naturalist husband and son. “Converses" with every dog she meets.

Carol Anderson-Gregg,


Board Director

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