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Green 3 Homes is looking to buy smaller lots on which to build single-family starter homes . . . one by one, enriching the surrounding neighborhood. We are not a developer, builder, corporate landlord, investor, etc.


We are a Charitable Nonprofit (501(c)3) that will pay you cash for your lot(s). If there is a difference in the appraised value and the sale price to us, we can also provide you with an IRS tax-exempt letter for that difference.  After verifying with your CPA, and providing them with a copy of the appraisal and our letter of receipt, it may then be possible for you to take an IRS tax deduction that year. . . for your “goods and services” donated to Green 3 Homes.  Your CPA may submit our letter, along with your lot appraisal, to qualify for that year's IRS charitable tax deduction.  (Check with your own financial consultant as to any tax code updates pertaining to this.)


Appraised Value  = $22,000

Green 3 Homes' cash to owner for lot purchase  = $19,000

Charitable Receipt Letter for your donation - IRS deduction  =  $3,000

Our tax exempt ID# is 92-0755256.


If you are interested in receiving cash for your lot,

please submit the following info:


*  Required info

12:00 PM

UPLOAD * - Please combine, into one (1) pdf file, the following documents for the lot:

  • most recent appraisal (if available)

  • most recent property tax receipt

  • plat map (if available)

Upload File (pdf) *
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