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Thank you for remembering and supporting Green 3 Homes,

as we turn renters into buyers!


If you are the first realtor mentioned by a person added to our rental contact list, we will pay you $1,000 after that renting household successfully moves into one of our starter homes.


To make a referral:

  1. Share our email/website/QR code with a person whom you believe could benefit from our process.

  2. Ask them to mention you specifically, when they complete their pre-application for renters. They will be able to add your name to the form. 

  3. Green 3 Homes will confirm and thank you for your new referral.

  4. Payout ($1,000) will be paid to you 10 days after the renter's move-in day.

  5. Compensation ($1,000) only applies to a new family/individual, who is not already on our contact list.



Thank you, in advance, for remembering how we can partner together

to serve people in our community!

We appreciate all you do!

Realtors have first-hand knowledge of folks whom we can help. . .those who may have had challenges in qualifying for a home purchase.

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